The Most Self-Serving Press Release of the Day

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The nation’s highways, bridges and schools are falling apart, due in large part to the lack of federal money for infrastructure repair. States and local governments, hampered by high pension and health obligations and low tax income, have “contributed” to the lack of funds.

The new ASCE’s Failure to Act economic report shows that, among other things:

[A]n additional investment of $157 billion a year between now and 2020, the U.S. can eliminate this drag on economic growth and protect:

  • $3.1 trillion in GDP, almost the equivalent of Germany’s entire GDP
  • $1.1 trillion in U.S. trade value, equivalent to Mexico’s GDP
  • 3.5 million jobs, more than the jobs created in the U.S. over the previous 22 months
  • $2.4 trillion in consumer spending, comparable to Brazil’s GDP
  • $3,100 in annual personal disposable income

Count on some private enterprise to take advantage of any piece of negative news to jockey for a position as an industry expert, usually in the name of drumming up new business.

Today’s most self-serving press release used the ASCE’s Failure to Act as its springboard:

These results show that our nations deteriorating infrastructure has a cascading effect on the economy. Russell Corrosion Consultants (RCC) is a unique company that provides high class consulting solutions and corrosion mitigation designs that provide answers to this scary study.


Would you be interested in speaking with a Russell Corrosion expert about this and what RCC is doing to help utilities and the government assess the condition of their infrastructure to determine how to repair, replace and mitigate corrosion?

Perhaps RCC could have just have been specific about its major contribution to helping solve the problem, and saved the press some time.