ETF Companion Guide for the 10 Best Economies in the World

After seeing a recent report from the World Economic Forum on national competitiveness ratings, 24/7 Wall St. used several metrics to determine which nations had the best economies in the world. These metrics included many key readings, from gross domestic product (GDP) per capita to debt as a percentage of GDP. We also included other metrics, and even what the most negative aspect of each major economy was.

It turns out that most international investors also want to invest in strong economies. After all, why should investors chase weak economies where their efforts may be treated poorly? It also turns out that there is an exchange traded fund (ETF) strategy for almost any nation and almost any strategy. This led us to an idea of creating an ETF companion guide for the world’s best economies.

This ETF companion guide does not recap all the world’s strongest economies. That has already been done in the major work. This aims to show what are the top exchange traded funds of each included nation. Some countries only have one or two ETFs that actually track the national stock markets. We did not include many ETFs because their volume or size was simply too small or because they focused on a subset of exchange barometers.

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24/7 Wall St. has included the average trading volume of each, a 52-week trading range and the net assets of each one. Below is the ETF companion guide for each of the top ten economies in the world.