Desktop Waterjet Cutter Raises $1.4 Million on Kickstarter

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A desktop waterjet cutter would seem to be a niche product in a niche so small as to be ignored. However, the “first desktop waterjet cutter,” called WAZER, has already raised $1.4 million and almost certainly will raise more.

On Kickstarter, the product is described as one that can:

Cut any material with digital precision using high pressure water. A compact waterjet for every workshop.

The product costs $5,999, which apparently is cheap:

WAZER is the first waterjet cutter that can fit in every workshop. It cuts through any material and is compact and contained, making it, clean, safe and quiet to operate. WAZER’s digital control achieves detail and accuracy impossible by hand, while freeing you up to complete other tasks.

Traditional waterjets cost upwards of $100,000, but with WAZER, we’re changing that, bringing this advanced technology to every workshop.

As is traditional at Kickstarter, investors get a gift for investing. For WAZER, these range from a T-shirt for those who pledge $25 or more to this for people who invest $4,499 or more:

25% OFF $5,999 MSRP (save $1,500)
Comes with waterjet and pump.

Optional Stand: ADD $250 to pledge total.

The drive for investors has been successful. Investors have put in $1,398,761, which is 1,398% by 1,032 backers. And interested investors have another 29 days to put money in.

WAZER does not say what it will do with all the extra money.

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