The State Where The Most People Work At Walmart

Walmart is the largest retailer in America, founded in 1962. As a matter of fact, it is the largest company in the nation, based on revenue, at $559 billion last year. The footprint of Walmart stores is national, but there is a large concentration in the southern part of the country, fairly close to its company headquarters in Arkansas.

The Walmart U.S. store total sits at 4,783. Walmart employs almost 1.6 million people when these stores, the public corporation’s headquarters staff, and Sam’s Club locations are included. This size and scope plus international operations have made the Walton family, primarily the children of founder Sam Walton fabulously wealthy. Alice, Jim, and  Rob Walton are each worth $62 billion according to Forbes.

The state with the most Walmart locations is Texas at 516. Texas is the second-largest state in America with a population of 29,730,311. California ranked first in population among all states at 39,613,493, has the third latest number of Walmarts at 281. Florida ranks second in Walmart store count at 340. It ranks third among all states in population at 21,944,577.

Will Walmart add more stores? It is not likely the count will grow by much. Ninety percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart. However, this is not the primary reason. Retailer shoppers in almost every category have migrated to e-commerce., which may be Walmart’s largest competitor even with its lack of store locations, has started to approach Walmart in total revenue. and other Walmart e-commerce sites will be the source of Walmart’s growth in the future. It cannot keep pace with Amazon without a robust online presence.

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