10 Jobs Overdue For a Pay Raise

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The job market is looking stronger and that might mean you should be getting a raise. The economy created 211,000 jobs in April, according to U.S. Labor Department data, after downshifting the month before. The jobless rate slid a tenth of a point to 4.4 percent, the lowest level since May 2007, before the recession, and close to what economists consider full employment.

The lower unemployment level is putting upward pressure on wages. The U.S. Labor Department reported average hourly earnings of private-sector workers increased 2.5 percent in the 12 months through April–not exactly surging pay growth, but steady gains.

Are you due for a pay bump? Job-recruiting site Glassdoor thinks so. These are the 10 jobs whose median base pay exceeded by at least twice the rate of U.S. average pay growth since last year. Seven of the 10 pay levels of the jobs cited by Glassdoor were below the median U.S. base pay of $51,159 per year.

10. Registered nurse
> Wage growth year-over-year: 4.5%
> Median base pay: $66,305

9. Cashier
> Wage growth year-over-year: 4.6%
> Median base pay: $27,492

8. Sales representative
> Wage growth year-over-year: 4.6%
> Median base pay: $47,629

7. Store manager
> Wage growth year-over-year: 4.9%
> Median base pay: $48,848

6. Maintenance worker
> Wage growth year-over-year: 5.7%
> Median base pay: $43,175

5. Bank teller
> Wage growth year-over-year: 6.1%
> Median base pay: $28,744

4. Warehouse associate
> Wage growth year-over-year: 6.7%
> Median base pay: $40,882

3. Restaurant cook
> Wage growth year-over-year: 7.0%
> Median base pay: $29,097

2. Customer service manager
> Wage growth year-over-year: 7.1%
> Median base pay: $54,552

1. Recruiter
> Wage growth year-over-year: 7.4%
> Median base pay: $51,216