The 5 Best Jobs in America for 2018

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If you are among the nearly 40% of Americans (and over half of millennials) looking for a new job now or who plan to be looking soon, you might want to begin your search in the technology field.

According to a new report from web-based job site Glassdoor, 20 of the 50 best jobs in the country are in the tech field. Tech jobs pay well and typically have a high satisfaction score. Two of the top five jobs are in the tech sector, one is in the health care sector and two others are in demand across a range of industries.

Glassdoor gives a Job Score based on three equally weighted factors: earning potential (median annual base salary), overall job satisfaction rating and number of job openings. The best possible score is 5.

Commenting on the list of 50 best jobs for 2018, Glassdoor’s chief economist, Andrew Chamberlain, said:

Half of the jobs on this year’s list are those within the fast-growing technology and health care industries, reinforcing that highly skilled jobs are in-demand, well compensated and those in which employees are satisfied. Workers with certain technical and soft skills, such as creativity, flexibility and good judgement, are at an advantage across industries, from health care to finance to HR, to leverage advances in artificial intelligence and automation. That’s because AI is increasingly complementing these jobs, while not replacing the people needed to do them.

Here are Glassdoor’s five top jobs for 2018 along with their Job Score and other ratings:

Data Scientist
> Job Score: 4.8
> Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.2
> Number of Job Openings: 4,524
> Median Base Salary: $110,000

DevOps Engineer
> Job Score: 4.6
> Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.0
> Number of Job Openings: 3,369
> Median Base Salary: $105,000

Marketing Manager
> Job Score: 4.6
> Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.0
> Number of Job Openings: 6,439
> Median Base Salary: $85,000

Occupational Therapist
> Job Score: 4.5
> Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.0
> Number of Job Openings: 11,903
> Median Base Salary: $74,000

HR Manager
> Job Score: 4.5
> Job Satisfaction Rating: 3.9
> Number of Job Openings: 4,458
> Median Base Salary: $85,000

Visit the Glassdoor website for the full list of 2018’s best jobs.