Cramer Calls Level 3 (LVLT) "The best under $10 stock he knows"

On Cramer’s MAD MONEY show on CNBC, Cramer also said you should buy Level 3 Communications (LVLT).  This isn’t his first pony ride on this stock.  He called it a Triple Buy.

No profits since 2003, just took down another $600M in debt with an option, it lost $138 M last report.  S&P rates its CCC-.  The company just spent more than $3 Billion in cash and stock on buying companies, AND it is losing its best customer.  So why is he positive he asks……..

He thinks it’s a Triple Buy.  Cramer said its is actually a thing of beauty because it is loved in the bond market, and it has accelerating revenue growth.  It is the #1 speculative growth stock for 2007 because it is the perfect call ofr a YouTube, MySpace, and every other hot web traffic.  He thinks they have the best data pipes out there. 

Please recall that Cramer has touted LVLT before (back in September) if you remember he called it the “way to play the YouTube growth after they signed YouTube as a badnwidth customer”.

Here Cramer interviewed its CEO James Crowe……….. The CEO said investors should get all sides of the story. Demand is growing and they are in a good position.  On an EBITDA basis and cap-ex basis, they have over $1 Billion in cash and the street thinks they go cash flow positive in next 4 or 5 quarters.  The CEO thinks the demand will grow and they are well positioned.  The 3/4 part of their revenue on their own is growing 6-7% per quarter and all they need to do is continue to execute.

Cramer said this is the best “UNDER $10 STOCK” he knows.

LVLT ran almost 3% to $5.54 on the normal day, and Cramer’s tout tacked on an extra 4.8% to $5.81.  Its 52-week trading range is $2.71 to $6.09.  You can expect this to be one of the top volume stocks on NASDAQ tomorrow.

Jon C. Ogg
December 6, 2006