Media Digest 12/6/2006 Reuters, FT, NY TImes, WSJ


According to Reuters, Yahoo! CFO Sue Decker will be promoted to run much of the company. The current COO and other manageers will leave.

Reuters writes that Bridgestone, the Japanese tire company, will buuy US firm Bandag, which makes retread tires.

Reuters writes that Qualcomm has warned Nokia, a customer, that if it withholds royalty payments there may be legal action. Nokia and other cell manufacturers have accused Qualcomm of using its position as a chip supplier for phones to drive up its royalties.

Reuters also reports that Lehman Bros will reward its CEO with a $185 million stock grant spread over the next 10 years.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the record industry is releasing music in the MP3 format to keep up with demand, although copy protection for the format is weak.

The FT writes that the regulatory path has been cleared for a NYSE purchase of Euronext exchange.

The New York Times writes that AIG and its former CEO have settled 18 legal cases pending between them.

The New York Times also reports that News Corp’s MySpace is working to develop methods for keeping sex offenders off of the site.

Douglas A. McIntyre