Cramer's #1 Value Pick for 2007

Stock Tickers: ATI, HAL, GS, MO

The #1 VALUE PICK BY CRAMER FOR 2007 is Altria (MO).  He thinks after this gets freed up from the Kraft (KFT) issue and the Philip Morris International that it will be off to the races.  He said the tobacco sales are staying strong and the international arm make this very cheap for investors.  He hates their products, but he said someone is going to make money and it might as well be you.  He loves the dividend and the dividend will exceed treasuries if the stock drops much.  You have heard him before be positive for a long-long time on the name.

Cramer’s #2 VALUE PICK FOR 2007 is Goldman Sachs (GS), and you can see the expanded report here.

Cramer picked Halliburton (HAL) as the #3 VALUE PICK FOR 2007, and you can see the expanded report on this here.

Cramer predicts the DJIA, well over 10% gains for 2007.

Jon C. Ogg
January 3, 2007