Cramer's #3 Value Pick for 2007

Stock Tickers: HAL, ATI

Last year Allegheny Tech (ATI) was his stock pick of the year.  It morethan doubled and was the best of all S&P 500 performers.  ATI wentfrom $36.00 to $90.00.  His 2007 stock of the year is not just one single stock, as investorsshould diversify.  He has 3 picks: low-risk value, higher-risk growth,and speculative stocks.  No one can pour more than one-fifth of theirmoney into speculative stocks.

His 3 low-risk value stocks are going to be in descending order and heis reviewing the value stocks tonight.  That means you know he’ll bemaking the others Thursday and Friday.

The #3 value pick is Halliburton (HAL).  He has been all over this for weeks and months, so this may not be a huge surprise.  He likes that KBR spin-off, he likes buybacks, he likes valuation discounts.  You know the drill.

Jon C. Ogg
January 3, 2007