Cramer's #2 Value Pick for 2007

Stock Tickers: ATI, HAL, GS

Last year Allegheny Tech (ATI) was his stock pick of the year, which more than doubled and was the best of all S&P 500 performers.  His 3 low-risk value stocks are going to be in descending order and he is reviewing the value stocks tonight.  He already picked Halliburton (HAL) as the #3 VALUE PICK FOR 2007.

Cramer’s #2 VALUE PICK FOR 2007 is Goldman Sachs (GS), another stock he’s been sticking with for a long time.  He said it could have been #1 but he has been pushing it for a long time.  The $200 price is immaterial when you value their earnings growth.  He thinks it is too cheap by all metrics.  As for the rest, you know the drill.

Jon C. Ogg
January 3, 2007