The Stock Blog Wars Heat Up

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For over a year, the two largest financial and stock market blogs have been Israel-based Seeking Alpha, which is partially owned by Benchmark Capital, and BloggingStocks, owned by Time-Warner’s (TWX) AOL.

Based on most available research Seeking Alpha has had the larger audience. It has several traffic relationships, perhaps the most important one a partnership with Yahoo! (YHOO) Finance.

All of Bloggingstocks content runs at AOL Finance.

Recently, BloggingStocks appears to have closed the audience gulf between the two websites, at least for now.

Among all websites, Alexa, the audience measurement service, puts the three-month average ranking of Seeking Alpha at 7,501. BloggingStocks average rank over the three month period is 25,445.

But, the rankings of both websites for the last week is just over 10,000. As the chart below shows, while Seeking Alpha’s traffic is off slightly, BloggingStocks has spiked up sharply.

Will the audience ranks of the two site remain close in the future? There is no way to say. But, for the first time, it’s a real horse race.

Douglas A. McIntyre can be reached at He does not own securities in companies that he writes about. He has been a contributor to Seeking Alpha in the past and is currently contributes content to BloggingStocks.