Sony (SNE) Can’t Get PS3 Right (AAPL)(MSFT)

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Sony (SNE) has once again delayed the launch of its virtual PS3 application. It allows owners of the video console to play games together over broadband, chat, download games and the such. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has had a similar function for over two years. Redmond charges for the feature and probably makes plenty of money from it.

According to The Wall Street Journal "As more people have access to faster Internet connections, online communities like those that allow players to socialize with one another in addition to playing games have grown popular in recent years. They are considered an important part of the game-playing experience."

So true.

But, Sony has bungled the PS3 again. The company’s video game operation was its flagship when the PS2 reigned. The game adds buckets of cash to Sony’s operating income. The unit has now been in the red for over a year

First, Sony launched the product later than Microsoft got out the Xbox 360. The MSFT product and Nintendo Wii beat the PS3 in sales like a farmer beats a mule.

Next, the PS3 was too expensive. Sony did finally drop the price.

Now, Sony is late to market with another feature. Perhaps they should sell their gaming unit to Apple (AAPL)

Douglas A. McIntyre