Media Digest 1/19/2009 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

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According to Reuters, there is at least some chance that the US could have to nationalize some banks.

Reuters reports that the UK launched a huge new bank rescue plan.

Reuters writes that Citigroup (C) plans to sell much of its financial interest in Japan.

Reuters reports that the head of the IMF fears more countries will need funds.

Reuters reports that Citigroup says it is still committed to its brokerage operations in Japan.

Reuters reports that RBS (RBS) will have a 30 billion loss on write-offs of its purchase of ABN

Reuters reports that The New York Times (NYT) may get money from Carlos Slim.

Reuters reports that the financial crisis could lead to US protectionism.

The New York Times reports that the cost of corporate buying has spiked especially for companies with debt due.

The New York Times reports that music publishers are beginning to offer unlimited access to
free songs.

The New York Times reports that the newspaper crisis is causing rapid turnover in management.

The FT reports that Obama will encourage banks to lend more.

The FT reports that investors are pulling out of big private equity funds.

Bloomberg reports the Obama will use TARP funds to widen access to credit.

Douglas A. McIntyre