Media Digest 6/15/2009 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

Reuters:   The heads of the emerging markets, the so-called BRICs, held their first global summit.

Reuters:   Obama will be tested this week on financial reforms.

Reuters:   Rich nations are working on an exit from stimulus packages.

Reuters:   Pfizer (PFE) is trying to do deals to improve its emerging market presence.

Reuters:   China is playing down hopes for a fast recovery.

Reuters:   US defense firms are looking at M&A and global markets to increase sales.

Reuters:   A Chinese firm says its deal to buy Hummer is on track.

Reuters:   Bally reached a deal to come out of Chapter 11.

Reuters:   Icahn is mulling another run at Delphi.

WSJ:   The Administration’s details are set for regulating the financial industry.

WSJ:   The hospital industry is troubled by some healthcare cuts.

WSJ:   Federal intervention has pitted companies getting money against those which have not.

WSJ:   Lower natural gas prices are hurting the coal industry.

WSJ:   The question of whether this bull market is circular or secular is starting to be raised.

WSJ:   Boeing’s (BA) strategy of aggressively building new planes is being questioned.

WSJ:   Auto suppliers are attempting to rebuild their industry.

WSJ:   Web ads have started to open the door to viruses. (YHOO)(GOOG)(IACI)(TWX)(MSFT)(VIA)(CBS).

WSJ:   Sinopec (SNP) is in talks to buy Addax.

WSJ:   TomTom will sell shares to cut debt.

WSJ:   Six Flags filed for Chapter 11.

WSJ:   Blackberry RIM (RIMM) rivals are trying to undermine its business sales. (NOK)(AAPL)(PALM).

WSJ:   State budget deficits will test Washington.

WSJ:   The Huntsman buyout will be tested in a Texas court (CS)(DB)(HUN).

WSJ:   The Fed is in a bind about buying Treasuries.

WSJ:   BlackRock (BLK) may be a trendsetter in the fund industry. (AB).

WSJ:   Radio broadcasters in small markets may do better than larger rivals.

WSJ:   The battle for Data Domain has caused a culture clash in the tech industry. (NTAP)(EMC).

WSJ:   An Alcan (ACL) deal with Nestle may hurt it deal with Novartis.

NYT:   AIG (AIG) is taking Greenberg to court.

NYT:   The recession is making Forbes pinch pennies.

NYT:   A new guide shopping using the Apple (AAPL) iPhone is getting large numbers of downloads.

NYT:   IBM (IBM) will help clients fight cost and complexity.

NYT:   Some artists are saying that Google (GOOG) cannot use their work for free.

NYT:   Authors can autograph work on the Amazon (AMZN) Kindle.

FT:   Citigroup (C) and the IFC are in a global trade funding alliance.

FT:   Cost cutting film makers are remaking Hollywood.

FT:   A Morgan Stanley (MS) deal with Citigroup to merge brokerages may take two years.

Bloomberg:   Treasuries advanced as Russia said it had full confidence in the US dollar.

Douglas A. McIntyre