Media Digest 7/24/2009 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT. Bloomberg

Reuters: Microsoft’s (MSFT) results and forecast were weak.

Reuters:   CIT (CIT) may sell its aviation finance business.

Reuters:   Fatigue at the Fed is leading to questions about its expanded role.

Reuters:   Twitter will pitch add-on tools to businesses.

Reuters:   Vodafone (VOD) stuck to its full-year forecast.

Reuters:   Amex (AXP) and Capital One (COP) had large cars losses.

Reuters:   Now that Merck (MRK) is buying Medares (MEDX), investors want to know which biotech deal is next.

WSJ:   The Fed unveiled rules to protect borrowers.

WSJ:   Oil moved above $67.

WSJ:   Defense firms say their business is solid.

WSJ:   The New York Times (NYT) said it would push cost cuts and sell off some businesses.

WSJ:   Amazon (AMZN) was hit by weak video game sales.

WSJ:   The AP will monitor online use of its content.

WSJ:   California will have more budget problems next year.

WSJ:   The bad US economy has created a risk of deflation around the world.

WSJ:   The Bank for International Settlements said the withdrawal of large bank activity from global markets is risky.

WSJ:   GM said the number of bidders for Opel is narrowing.

WSJ:   UPS (UPS) said the future would be tough.

WSJ:   Large advertising firms said their business has bottomed.

WSJ:   NetFlix (NFLX) added more new subscribers.

NYT:   Jobless checks are being held in some states with troubled finances.

NYT:   Sales of Tamiflu helped Roche results.

NYT:   Home sales rose for the third month in June.

FT:   Citigroup (C) asked a Fannie Mae (FNM) director to join its board.

FT:   Fortress plans to go on a buying spree.

Bloomberg:   JPMorgan (JPM) increased some banker salaries for next year.

Douglas A. McIntyre