Media Digest 9/11/2009 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

Reuters:   International bank regulators are looking at Brazil as a model.

Reuters:   John Mack will step down at Morgan Stanley’s (MS) CEO.

Reuters:   The SEC vowed reforms after its report on Madoff revealed mistakes.

Reuters:   GM will sell control of Opel to Magna.

Reuters:   Geithner said the need for government support of markets is ending.

Reuters:   Studies show that one dose of H1N1 vaccine may be enough.

Reuters:   Chinese economic data topped forecasts and officials said its stimulus program will stay in place.

Reuters:   Endowments at Harvard and Yale suffered heavy losses.

Reuters:   Bank of America (BAC) wants to end a loss-sharing agreement with the government.

Reuters:   BHP Billiton (BHP) is bullish on it potash push.

Reuters:   Motorola (MOT) released a new phone powered by Google (GOOG) software.

Reuters:   Barrick Gold says it expects  to raise $4 billion from a share offer.

WSJ:   UBS (UBS) e-mails show worries about CDOs.

WSJ:   The recession has increased poverty and cut family incomes.

WSJ:   Bloomberg is considering a bid for BusinessWeek (MGP).

WSJ:   P & G (PG) will cut prices on many of its products.

WSJ:   Google is fighting criticism of its deal with book publishers.

WSJ:   Expiring tax credits are helping home sales.

WSJ:   Dividend payments and stock buybacks may not return for years.

WSJ:   US debt sales continue to do well.

WSJ:   The question is emerging about what Vivendi will do with its 20% interest in the NBCU unit of GE (GE).

WSJ:   Apple (AAPL) approved the use of the RealNetworks (RNWK) music service for the iPhone.

NYT:   Journalism Online, a service to help newspaper internet operations, says it has lots of interest.

NYT:   Ford (F) will back a federal ban on texting while driving.

NYT:   Some media companies and advertisers are looking at measurement data beyond Nielsen.

FT:   China’s economic recovery is gaining pace.

FT:   Japan’s economy expanded less than expected.

FT:   China is opening the door to foreign listings on its exchanges.

Bloomberg:   The Microsoft (MSFT) search deal with Yahoo! (YHOO) faces a lengthy review at Justice.

Douglas A. McIntyre