Media Digest 3/18/2010 Reuters, WSJ, NYTimes, FT, Bloomberg

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Reuters:   Toyota (TM) told regulators it is looking at how to fix 1.2 million Corollas.

Reuters:   A Chinese export body said a rise in the yuan would be destructive.

Reuters:   China Mobile’s (CHL) revenues rose on a gain in average revenue per user.

Reuters:   The US faces Chinese import negotiations on the yuan.

Reuters:   HTC says it is confident it can defend itself against an Apple (AAPL) patent suit.

Reuters:   Google (GOOG) is working with Intel (INTC) and Sony (SNE) on a TV project.

Reuters:   A California police report supports an acceleration problem with a runaway Prius.

WSJ:   A judge said he would not ease the curbs that erected a wall between analysts and bankers.

WSJ:   Bernanke argued that it is important not to narrow the Fed’s focus.

WSJ:   NJ regulators said MGM Mirage did business with organized crime in Macau.

WSJ:   The FDA may set a system to help approve two or more drugs together for diseases like AIDS.

WSJ:   CIT’s (CIT) new CEO outlined the firm’s challenges.

WSJ:   A Google (GOOG) exit from China could help local instant message firm Tencent.

WSJ:   States are pressing e-commerce companies to collect local taxes.

WSJ:   OPEC held oil production steady.

WSJ:   The SEC admitted errors in regulating Lehman.

WSJ:   Merkel brought up the idea of expelling members from the eurozone.

WSJ:   Wall St. could have another strong compensation year, although not as good as 2009.

WSJ:   Spring (S) will unveil its first phone for the company’s new super-fast 4G network.

WSJ:   The PayPal division of Ebay (EBAY) has cut a deal to expand in China.

WSJ:   Nike’s (NKE) profits rose sharply as revenue moved higher.

WSJ:   McDonald’s (MCD) may sell all soft drinks of any size for $1 this summer.

WSJ:   A US regulator criticized Google’s new Buzz product because it may show personal data of users.

NYT:   US firms are building high-tech labs in China.

NYT:   Amazon is trying to use its clout to hang on the lead in the e-book field.

NYT:   Deflation fears persist in China.

NYT:   The new jobs bill passed the Senate.

NYT:   GM’s CFO said the company could be profitable this year.

NYT:   The World Bank said China should increase rates and let the yuan rise.

FT:   A group in India plans to set up a fund to compete with China for oil assets.

FT:   Tencent warned Beijing could slow internet growth by regulating text messaging.

FT:   The US healthcare reform bill is gaining momentum.

Bloomberg:   Germany is seeking an IMF role in the Greek debt negotiations.

Bloomberg:   China is doing “stress tests” to see effects of value of yuan change on industries.

Douglas A. McIntyre