Media Digest (5/9/2012) Reuters, WSJ, NYT, FT, Bloomberg

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Coalition talks in Greece are unlikely to create a new government, raising the chance Greece could leave the eurozone. (Reuters)

GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK) will launch a takeover of Human Genome Sciences (NASDAQ: HGSI). (Reuters)

Toyota (NYSE: TM) says its profits will triple this year. (Reuters)

Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO) director Patti Hart will leave the board as part of a scandal about CEO Scott Thompson’s resume. (Reuters)

A California judge rejects a suit by Proview that claims Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) bought the iPad name from the company for too little money. (Reuters)

Nelson Peltz’s Trian Fund will buy 7% of Ingersoll-Rand (NYSE: IR). (WSJ)

Freddie Mac picks former E*Trade (NASDAQ: ETFC) executive Donald Layton to be its CEO. (WSJ)

Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK) is under fire for the use of private jets by its board and management. (WSJ)

The founder of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (NASDAQ: GMCR), Robert Stiller, and its lead director, William Davis, are demoted because of stock sales. (WSJ)

Liberty Media (NASDAQ: LMCA) increases its share of Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) to 45.2% in an attempt to control the company. (WSJ)

The United States presses India to buy less oil from Iran. (WSJ)

Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) appoints Kristian Tear as chief operating officer and Frank Boulben as chief marketing officer. (WSJ)

T-Mobile may offer some video streaming without charging it against customer data plans. (WSJ)

JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM) will offer prepaid debit cards in its 5,541 branches this summer, a way to increase money from customer fees. (WSJ)

Germany is likely to force Greece to honor obligations for a bailout or leave the eurozone. (NYT)

Hackers attack U.S. natural gas pipelines. (FT)

A Moody’s downgrade of major banks may hurt the financial recovery of the European Union as it throttles back the ability of the financial firms to lend. (FT)

Germany’s Federal Statistics Office says the nation’s exports rose in March. (Bloomberg)

Political factions in Ireland may try to reject austerity as their counterparts in Greece have. (Bloomberg)

Douglas A. McIntyre