World Series Tickets Hit $5,770 for New York Game

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The Mets are down 2 to 0 in the World Series after the first two games in Kansas City. As the Mets and Royals move to Citi Field in New York to play the October 30 game, the highest priced tickets have become particularly affordable, at least for the rich. The highest priced tickets are on sale for $5,770, according to TiqIQ.

The price for these seats is as high as an attendee would expect. Two tickets at 68% market value in Section 114, Row 2, which is right behind the Mets dugout, and near first base. The odds are strong that in New York City, there will be plenty of demand for these. A lot of the 1% in Manhattan can afford the price for the two at a total of a little above $11,000

At the other end of the ticket price scale, tickets are still very expensive, at $762 each for four tickets in Section 504, Row 17. These are about as far above the field as possible, well out in right field.

Citi Field has 41,800 seats. The new park replaced Shea Stadium in 2009. Shea had 57,354 seats, which oddly suggests the builders of the new field must have believed demand for Mets ticket had or would taper off. Perhaps that was because the team rarely had been successful. Actually the decision made sense for a team that would have trouble selling out throughout the season, and would only have a demand problem if the Mets had the rare good fortune of making it deep into the playoffs, which the team has finally done.

If the Royals win one more game, the Mets face elimination if Game 4. The highest prices tickets for that game are $5,751, barely different for the price of the upcoming game. One would think tickets would be higher for what may be the Mets most important game of the year.

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