NBA Finals Ticket Average Hits $1,569

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As the Warriors square off against the Cavaliers, average ticket prices have soared to $1,579, the highest levels in recent memory, and perhaps ever, according to TiqIQ.

There is a major difference in prices, depending on where the games are played. The average for Warrior’s Oracle Arena is $1,721, assuming the battle makes it to the entire seven games. The comparable number for the Cavalier’s Quicken Loan Arena is $1,224.

As the playoffs progress, the ticket rise sharply in price. If the series makes it to Game 6 in Oracle Area, the average price will be $1,570. If the series makes it to Game 6 in Quicken Loans Arena, the price reaches $1,560. If the match up makes it back to Oracle Arena, the prices jumps to $2,922, TiqIQ data shows.

The Quicken Loans Area has a capacity of 20,562. Oracle Arena’s similar number is 19,596.

2016 – Warriors vs Cavaliers Average Price Get-in Price
Game 1 @ Oracle Arena $1,280.52 $594
Game 2 @ Oracle Arena $1,478.85 $646
Game 3 @ Quicken Loans Arena $1,020.76 $367
Game 4 @ Quicken Loans Arena $1,244.59 $474
Game 5 @ Oracle Arena $1,569.53 $780
Game 6 @ Quicken Loans Arena $1,559.73 $745
Game 7 @ Oracle Arena $2,922.36 $1,130
Series Average $1,596
Warriors Home Average $1,721.32
Cavaliers Home Average $1,224.09

The ticket prices are so high that there has been a war of words between the two teams. According to ESPN:

Several members of the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to pass on purchasing tickets to Games 1 and 2 in Oakland, California, after they were upset about the price the Golden State Warriors were charging and the location of the seats, sources told ESPN.

The Warriors offered the Cavaliers lower-level tickets, in the corners of the arena, to buy for their friends and family for $1,300 each. Last year, those tickets were about half that price, sources said.

Cavaliers spokesman Tad Carper declined to comment on the issue.

A Warriors spokesperson said prices went up for fans and players on both teams because of supply and demand.

Since the games will be sold out, what the Cavaliers buy is academic.

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