Fast and Furious to Become Top 10 All-Time Movie Franchise This Weekend

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Virtually all movies do worse in terms of box office sales in their second weekend of release. Red-hot “Fate of the Furious,” the eighth movie in the Fast and Furious franchise, is no exception. A dip of over 60% in Fate of the Furious ticket sales compared to last weekend would drop its total to around $36 million. That should still be enough to push it into the top 10 all-time franchises based on domestic box office total.

This is the Box Office Mojo assessment:

While the eighth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise zoomed to an international and worldwide opening weekend record last weekend, it wasn’t quite able to finish over $100 million for its domestic opening weekend. By comparison, the film’s $98.8 million opening is the second largest in the franchise and just a shade over the $97.4 million opening for 2013’s Fast & Furious 6. It is worth noting, however, that Fast 6 debuted over Memorial Day weekend, which is why you’ll notice Fast 8 is currently pacing behind the sixth installment in our head-to-head showdown. Taking that into consideration, it will be interesting to see just how “fast” Fate falls.

Last year, Furious 7 dipped 59.5% after its blistering $147.2 million debut; Fast 6 suffered a larger drop for obvious reasons, dipping 64% in its second frame; Fast Five fell 62.4% in its sophomore session; and Fast and Furious dipped just under 62%. Looking at the numbers, a 62-64% drop seems inevitable, with potential to hold on a bit better if only as a result of a lack of direct competition and the week’s new releases hardly making a big push for eyeballs. That said, we’re anticipating a drop right around 64% and a second weekend around $35.5 million, which will be more than enough to top the weekend once again.

Currently, total sales for The Fast and Furious franchise are $1.416 billion. The Hunger Games franchise is in 10th place in all-time domestic box office at $1.452 billion.