As Economy Gets Weaker, McDonald’s (MCD) Gets Stronger

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A recession is supposed to pull everyone under, but that everyone does not seem to include McDonald’s (MCD). The fast food firm announced that that global comparable sales increased 7.7% in November. U.S. comparable sales increased 4.5%. McDonald’s attributed this to its breakfast and value meal offerings.

McDonald’s not just a recession-buster because it offers cheap food in a rough economy.

The company has effectively revolutionized the way it does business over the course of the last three years. It has expanded itself from a lunch and dinner place for families and kids to a 24-hour, complete menu operation which serves everything from $.99 hamburgers to $3 premium coffees.

McDonald’s is doing well because it is no longer McDonald’s. It is several food retailers wrapped into one set of locations.

For those who are interested, in Europe, November comparable sales rose 7.8% led by France, the U.K. and Russia. November comparable sales increased 13.2% in Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa due to strong sales growth in Japan, Australia and most other countries. Extended hours, breakfast and menu variety continue to deliver results.

Douglas A. McIntyre