Special Report

America's Favorite Six-Figure Jobs

10. Family and General Practitioners
> Employment: 120,860
> Median wage: $176,530
> Employment change 2012 – 2022: 14.6%

Family and general practitioners are among the most popular six-figure jobs in America. Nearly 121,000 such doctors worked in locations such as hospitals, private offices, and clinics. To become a family or general practitioner, candidates first complete at least four years of undergraduate school followed by four years of medical school. Doctors are then required to complete three to eight years of residency. Once they enter a practice, however, physicians can earn well-in-excess of $100,000 annually. In 2013, the median wage was $176,530, among the highest of any occupation reviewed by the BLS.

9. Marketing Managers
> Employment: 174,010
> Median wage: $123,220
> Projected change 2012 – 2022: 12.7%

Marketing managers create marketing plans, coordinate promotional campaigns, and estimate demand for a product or service. Marketing managers usually have a bachelor’s degree in a field such as management, economics or finance, and often have workplace experience in marking or in occupations such as sales representative or purchasing agent. Marketing managers also often have fairly strong job security because of the direct impact their work has on a firm’s ability to generate revenue and grow market share. The median pay of a marketing manager was $123,220 last year.

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8. Architectural and Engineering Managers
> Employment: 183,430
> Median wage: $128,170
> Projected change 2012 – 2022: 6.7%

Architectural and engineering managers manage and oversee a variety of construction and maintenance projects. Managers advance to their position after years of employment as an architect or engineer and specialized schooling. Due to the administrative complexities, architectural engineering managers often pair their bachelor’s degree with a masters’ degree in architecture, engineering management, or business administration. Such managers made a median annual wage of $128,170 in 2013.