Stores Pokemon Trainers Visit the Most

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Since its release, Nintendo’s Pokémon Go has been downloaded by Americans tens of millions of times and is set to surpass the success of other mobile games by any number of metrics. The game is only part way through its global rollout, and some industry observers estimate daily time spent on the game is already greater than time spent on Facebook(NASDAQ: FB), the previous leader. One industry observer in July estimated that there were close to 50 million login attempts worldwide in a single moment.

The augmented reality mobile application is based on the popular 20-year old Nintendo Game boy title. Players hunt, capture, train, and battle fictional creatures called Pokémon.

The game requires users to go outside and visit different locations, and dozens of players can be seen, phone in hand, wandering through local parks and past businesses. The sheer size of the phenomenon has led some to wonder not just who these people are that play the game, but also where do they go to play? Where do Pokémon Go users go out to eat, and where do they shop?

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With data provided by store traffic tracker Placed, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the most popular stores — retailers and restaurants — among Pokémon Go users. Pokémon trainers are 75% more likely to visit clothing store Hot Topic than the average American. At the same time, Pokémon users are 18% less likely to visit hardware stores like The Home Depot (NYSE: HD) or Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW) compared to the average American.

While the full potential of luring customers to stores with Pokémon is likely as yet unrealized, the marketing power of the relationship could be tremendous. The Pokémon Go application can already be used to purchase lures, which increase the rate of Pokémon appearing in a given area. There are reports of small businesses already purchasing Pokémon lures to attract customers.

Pending the Japanese release of the game, McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) locations throughout Tokyo have already arranged to be Pokémon Gyms, digitally sanctioned spots where Pokémon collectors can battle one another. Shares of Japan’s McDonald’s Holdings Co surged almost 10% on the announcement.

To identify the 20 stores Pokémon trainers visit the most, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the white paper, “Pokémon Go’s Impact on Retail, Restaurants, and Apps,” published Wednesday, July 20 by store traffic tracker Placed.

These are the stores Pokémon Go users are most likely to visit.