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Closing price September 17, 2021
Investors with any sense of stock market history are well aware that’s it’s not a question of if but when a big market correction comes. One prescient analyst says it makes sense to take...
Thursday was mostly an up-day for meme stocks and Friday may be shaping up for more of the same.
Vaccine maker Moderna has announced it is working on a new vaccine, and another COVID-19 treatment is getting hammered.
Meme trader favorite GameStop reported disappointing quarterly earnings Wednesday afternoon. But not all retail investors are ready to give up on the stock yet.
After markets close Wednesday, one of the year's most-talked-about stocks is going to do some talking of its own.
Here's a look at how August's most-discussed stocks on WallStreetBets performed in the month. Sometimes, talk is not cheap.
The latest data on short selling and meme stocks indicates that short sellers have been creamed so far this year, thanks mainly to a couple of bad weeks in January and February.
Short squeezes on a couple of heavily shorted stocks have been returning nice profits for investors taking the other side of the bet. How long will it last?
A couple of OGs and one recent rocket are dominating the meme stock universe Monday. has more than doubled its share price over the first four days of this week. The stock is on track to more than double again on Friday.
Thursday equity trading was relatively light and mostly negative. Here's a look at how four meme stocks fared as of the noon hour today.
Meme stock performance was mixed on Wednesday, with a couple of stocks posting double-digit gains while the worst losses were less than half as large.
While the gains weren't yet as big as Tuesday's, most of the meme stocks we follow were trading higher again Wednesday.
Here's a look at the performance of five meme stocks on Tuesday and where they appear to be headed on Wednesday.
Another up day for the overall market has given several meme stocks a nice boost as well.