America’s Best (and Worst) Car Brands

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5. GMC
> 2016 ACSI score: 84
> 2015 ACSI score: 78
> 2016 YTD sales: 348,164

Customer satisfaction among GMC owners has fluctuated considerably over the years. In the most recent ACSI survey, however, the American automaker’s score of 84 is only one point shy of its highest score in nearly two decades. Historically, foreign automakers have dominated the ACSI rankings, but this year, GMC is leading the resurgence in satisfaction among mass-market, American made vehicles.

4. Toyota
> 2016 ACSI score: 85
> 2015 ACSI score: 82
> 2016 YTD sales: 1,625,158

Customer satisfaction tends to be higher among owners of luxury brands than owners of mass-market vehicles. Yet despite being one of the biggest mass-market carmakers in the world, Toyota surpassed high-end makes such as Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. Performance and dependability are two important components of customer satisfaction, and Toyota received one of the highest scores in the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study.

3. BMW
> 2016 ACSI score: 85
> 2015 ACSI score: 82
> 2016 YTD sales: 204,744

BMW is the third highest rated automaker and the second highest rated luxury automaker in this year’s survey. The German manufacturer has historically ranked relatively high on the ACSI automobile report. The luxury car maker also received near top marks from Consumer Reports for overall quality.