America’s Best (and Worst) Car Brands

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The Best Car Brands

8. Infiniti
> 2016 ACSI score: 84
> 2015 ACSI score: 77
> 2016 YTD sales: 85,362

Luxury brands tend to receive better customer ratings in the ACSI, and Infiniti is no exception. The Nissan luxury brand’s rating improved significantly this year, rising from a score of 77 in 2015 to 84 this year. No automaker had a greater uptick in customer satisfaction. Infiniti’s high ratings may be reflected in improved sales. Infiniti set a global sales record this past August.

7. Subaru
> 2016 ACSI score: 84
> 2015 ACSI score: 82
> 2016 YTD sales: 391,969

Due to their improved quality and relatively low prices, mass market cars received a considerable rating boost in this year’s ACSI. Subaru was one of the makes benefiting from the trend, scoring two points higher in customer satisfaction compared to the previous year. According to Consumer Reports, Subaru is one of the top ranking car manufacturers in overall quality, surpassing several luxury automakers.

6. Lexus
> 2016 ACSI score: 84
> 2015 ACSI score: 84
> 2016 YTD sales: 210,392

Lexus was the top rated car brand in last year’s ACSI survey of the auto industry with a customer satisfaction score of 84. While the Toyota-owned luxury brand’s score did not change, several other manufacturers improved their score — in this year’s survey eight brands have a score of 84 or higher. Sales of most auto manufacturers are up year-to-date, but Lexus sales are down by more than 5%.