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The Most Popular Baby Names of the 1800s

Source: Wikimedia Commons

10. Edward
> Babies named 1880-1899: 45,166

During the late 1800s, Edward was most popular in the year 1882 with 2,477 boys having been given the name that year.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

9. Henry
> Babies named 1880-1899: 45,803

Given the popularity of the novel Walden in the late 1800s, classic essayist Henry David Thoreau may have paved the way for the popularity of the name Henry, after his death in 1862. The name’s 19th century peak in popularity occurred in 1888 with 2,596 boys given the name.

Source: Wikipedia

8. Robert
> Babies named 1880-1899: 50,221

The name Robert was a hit between the years 1924 and 1939 and again in the year 1953 when it was the most popular name to give a baby boy. The name’s most popular year in the late 19th century was, specifically, 1898 when a total of 2,932 Roberts were born. Over the course of history, Robert would remain in the top 10 most popular male names every year from 1900 through 1989.