17 Health Hazards You Want to Avoid This Summer

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Kids and adults alike crave the sweet summertime. School’s out and family activities are in order, with trips to the beach, water parks, the local swimming pool — you name it. But that beautiful sun that glimmers so elegantly on the water’s surface can be menacing.

Sun and heat-related illnesses are the most prevalent of summer injuries. To give you an idea of how prevalent this issue is, seven out of the 17 health hazards on this list are tied to the sun’s intensity. According to the CDC, 618 people in the U.S. die from extreme heat each year due to lack of hydration and being exposed to the sun for too long.

Other summer hazards include accidents with fireworks, contamination in the water, and even grilling food. Read on to find out what hazards you and your family can dodge this summer, so you can still catch some rays and partake in all of the joys of the season without making a trip to the emergency room.


To identify the most prevalent health hazards you want to avoid this summer, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed several sources including the CDC, National Cancer Institute, USDA, National Fire Protection Association, and Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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