26 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

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Source: Fernando Sandoval Martínez, Flickr

5. Victoria, Mexico
> Homicides per 100,000:84.67
> 2016 homicides: 293
> Population: 346,029
> Previous year rank: 46

Worsening from the 46th worst to fifth worst, Victoria is the most shocking entry on this list of violent cities. Facing the steepest increase in murder of all other cities, Victoria is a city ravaged by the drug war with a murder rate that almost tripled in a single year.

Source: Nan Palmero, Flickr

4. Distrito Central, Honduras
> Homicides per 100,000: 85.09
> 2016 homicides: 1,027
> Population: 1,206,897
> Previous year rank: 6

While homicides have increased since last year, expect the capital of Honduras to be shaken up again. Wilter Ruiz, one of Honduras’ most notorious drug kingpins, has agreed to cooperate with U.S authorities to potentially implicate high-ranking members of the security forces — or possibly a member of President Juan Orlando Hernandez’s family.

Source: Gervaldez / Wikimedia Commons

3. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
> Homicides per 100,000: 112.09
> 2016 homicides: 845
> Population: 753,864
> Previous year rank: 2

Honduras’s highest ranked city on the list with a homicide rate of over 100 per 100,000 people, San Pedro Sula has yet to see a change in the right direction. This may be in part due to the country’s role as a transit nation for the transnational drug trade. The city has also struggled with large unemployment and skyrocketing poverty since the 2009 Honduran military coup.

Source: Thinkstock

2. Acapulco, Mexico
> Homicides per 100,000:113.24
> 2016 homicides: 918
> Population: 810,669
> Previous year rank: 4

Mexico’s most violent city and the second most dangerous place in the world is the coastal tourist destination of Acapulco. President Enrique Nieto said that 42% of all homicides were concentrated in just 2% of all municipalities and were rooted in organized crime. This prompted the government to launch a security strategy in its 50 most violent cities, but as the data shows, the violence has only got worse.

Source: Thinkstock

1. Caracas, Venezuela
> Homicides per 100,000: 130.35
> 2016 homicides: 4,308
> Population: 3,305,204
> Previous year rank: 1

The perennial homicide capital of the world, Caracas tops the list because of its mobile street gangs and organized crime groups. Caracas is notorious for its high-profile violent crimes committed in neighborhoods across the city, at all hours. And with widespread political and economic unrest, the possibility for any change seems like a major uphill battle.