Special Report

50 Least Powerful People in the World

Fame, fortune, and power in all its forms are glorified in American culture. Entire media networks are dedicated to covering celebrity news and gossip — and television programs that showcase the lifestyles of the rich and the famous regularly draw millions of viewers.

However, power can be fleeting. Circumstances can change rapidly; fortunes can be lost overnight; and the masters of the universe today can wind up unemployable tomorrow.

24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of 50 well-known individuals around the world who have recently experienced a precipitous loss in stature. These individuals hold, or once held, positions in nearly all aspects of public life — from television personalities to CEOs of major companies to financial wizards and to politicians. While sometimes those in the public eye are held to a higher standard than private citizens, others are truly deserving of their fall from grace.

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