Special Report

Most Important Trump Events in Second Year of His Presidency

There is one thing Never Trumpers and MAGA hat wearers can agree on about our 45th president — he is never dull.

The Tweeter in Chief has spent the second year of his presidency dealing with the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election. President Donald Trump disparaged the probe and voiced his support for those caught up in the investigation, such as former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to a felony charge of lying to federal investigators about contacts with the Russian government.

Turbulence has reigned in the administration, which has turned over many cabinet posts, such as secretary of state, attorney general, interior secretary, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and chief of staff. The reasons varied, from conflict with the president — he made a name for himself for firing people on his reality show “The Apprentice” — to ethics probes.

Immigration was a divisive issue as the administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy on illegal border crossings led to the forced separation of children from adults and prompted an outcry from both sides of the political aisle about what was seen as a heavy-handed implementation of the policy.

Trump made good on his campaign promise to pull out of the nuclear accord with Iran in May, and a month later made history by meeting North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as the two sought to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Relations between the president and the news media were generally contentious and boiled over in November when the White House revoked the credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta. Many newspapers coast to coast responded to Trump’s charges that they report fake news in editorial rebuttals.

Throughout the year, Trump has continued to take pride in the economic surge that accelerated after he became president. However as the year draws to a close, the soaring stock market he had taken credit for has faltered, the Mueller probe continues, and an incoming Democratic House of Representatives will likely turn up the heat on more investigations into the president’s business dealings. Next year is likely to be just as turbulent as 2018.

Here are the most important events in the second year of the Trump presidency.