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Retailers Hiring the Most for the Holidays

Source: United Parcel Service Inc.

3. UPS
> 2017 seasonal hires: 95,000
> Total U.S. employees: 434,000
> Store count: 4,889 (U.S. and Canada)
> Annual revenue: $60.9 billion

UPS will hire an additional 95,000 workers for the holiday season. The holidays are the busiest time for UPS, with some packages shipped in late November and December requiring an additional day in transit due to the additional package volumes. While UPS shipped an average of 15.2 million packages a day in the first three quarters of 2016, the company shipped an average of 19.6 million packages a day in the fourth quarter. The average revenue per package, however, fell from $10.48 to $9.85 during the fourth quarter. This year, UPS will charge an additional 27 cents on all ground shipments sent during the periods of November 19 to December 2, and December 17 to December 23 — some of the busiest shipping days of the year.

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2. Target
> 2017 seasonal hires: 104,500
> Total U.S. employees: 323,000
> Store count: 1,802 (U.S.)
> Annual revenue: $69.5 billion

Target is hiring some 100,000 temporary workers for its customer-facing department stores this holiday season. The retail giant, which also sells products to online shoppers, will hire an additional 4,500 workers to staff its distribution centers during the busy season. Like many retailers on this list, Target’s fourth quarter, which includes the holiday season, comprises a large share of the company’s annual revenue.

Currently, the company employs 323,000 regular workers. Last year, employment peaked at 373,000 workers during the holiday season.

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1. Amazon
> 2017 seasonal hires: 120,000
> Total U.S. employees: 341,000
> Store count: 42 (U.S.)
> Annual revenue: $136.0 billion

To accommodate the increased demand during the holiday season, Amazon plans to hire 120,000 additional workers, the most of any company. Amazon also hired 120,000 workers for the 2016 holiday season, of which thousands transitioned into regular, full-time roles at Amazon. The e-commerce giant expects to do the same this year. Most of the temporary positions will be at Amazon’s customer service centers in 33 states across the country. Amazon is growing rapidly, and the company’s hiring spree is not limited just to the holidays. Amazon has hired 200,000 employees so far this year, and it is currently scouting locations for a second headquarters — where it will need as many as 50,000 additional workers.