The Wildest Winter Activities

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Source: lightcatcheristockphoto / iStock

20. Sled dog racing
> Where it originated: Alaska
> Equipment needed: Dogs, sled

Though many people have heard of the Iditarod sled dog race, it was actually preceded by the All Alaska Sweepstakes, which is the world’s oldest organized sled dog race on record. Though trails have changed and lengthened over the years, the core idea of a sled, a team of dogs, and a musher covering as much ground as they can has remained the same.

Source: Jan Pitman / Getty Images

19. Wok racing
> Where it originated: Germany
> Equipment needed: Wok

Thrill-seekers will use just about anything they can to slide down a hill as quickly as possible — but a cooking wok might be one of the strangest. The sport of wok racing, in which competitors slide down a luge or bobsled track on the cooking pot, was originally invented as a joke on a German TV show. It has since gained popularity and even has officially sanctioned races.

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18. Ice sculpture carving
> Where it originated: China
> Equipment needed: Block of ice, chainsaw, grinder, chisel

With snow-dusted streets over some parts of the world, many people are dazzled by the beauty of winter. Others use the cold weather as an opportunity to make art of their own. Ice sculptors create dazzling works of art by sawing, grinding, and chiseling ice into ornate sculptures of people, animals, and just about anything else you could imagine.

Source: molchanovdmitry / iStock

17. Snowkiting
> Where it originated: Germany
> Equipment needed: Kite, skis or snowboard

Like ice sailing, snowkiting utilizes the wind to pull people along snow and ice. However, snowkiters glide along on their own two feet on either skis or a snowboard. Snowkiting was initially developed in Germany in the 1970s but gained popularity in France years later.

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16. Winter pentathlon
> Where it originated: Norway
> Equipment needed: Skis, rifle, fencing sword, horse

The winter pentathlon is like the biathlon on steroids. The biathlon has just two events: skiing and shooting. The winter pentathlon has five. Competitors are required to participate in cross-country and downhill skiing, target shooting, fencing, and horseback riding.