Olympic Villages Still Used Today

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Hosting the Olympics is considered prestigious, and cities vie for the honor for years in advance, despite the significant financial resources required and staggering logistics needs.

Preparing a locale to host thousands of athletes and throngs of spectators requires building venues for competition and arranging for housing for the masses — and that’s just the beginning. A city would need to ensure there is proper transportation, vet and license vendors, agree on a logo and mascot, and a zillion other details including the not-so-small matter of security.

With just those few details in mind, it’s no surprise that Olympic host cities spend billions long before the first planeload of athletes touches down. But it’s also amazing how many Olympic villages fall into wrack and ruin not long after the closing torch is snuffed.

Not so for the 21 cities on our list. Each continues to utilize some of the infrastructure established for their moment in the Olympic sun to the benefit of residents and visitors for years to come.

To compile a list of Olympic village that are still used today, 24/7 Tempo looked each host city’s Olympic park’s website to determine what facilities and buildings are still operational.

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