Special Report

Worst Corruption Scandal in Each State

Source: andrearamseyforcongress.com

16. Kansas
> Scandal: Congressional candidate sex harassment charge
> Year: 2017

In the era of the #MeToo movement, a female politician was also recently accused of sexual harassment. Kansas congressional hopeful Andrea Ramsey was forced to withdraw her candidacy in late 2017 over allegations of sexual harassment. The Kansas City Star reported about the accusations brought against Ramsey in a lawsuit from 2005. The lawsuit accuses Ramsey, then an executive at drug-testing company LabOne, of sexually harassing a male employee who had rebuffed her advances.

Source: Mike Weaver

17. Kentucky
> Scandal: BOPTROT FBI sting
> Year: 1990

BOPTROT is the unwieldy name for an FBI sting in Kentucky. The operation targeted legislators for taking bribes from the operators of struggling harness tracks who were trying to compete against thoroughbred racetracks. The BOP in BOPTROT stands for the Business Organizations and Professions Committees in both houses of the Kentucky General Assembly that deal with horse-racing bills. TROT refers to the trots, another name for harness racing. What shocked people about this scandal was that legislators could be bought for bribes as low as $400.

Source: State of Louisiana / Wikimedia Commons

18. Louisiana
> Scandal: Louisiana officials bribery case
> Year: 1939

Louisiana has a colorful history of corruption, and the scandal involving Gov. Richard Leche is at the top of the list. Leche won the gubernatorial race in 1936 and tried to build on the legacy of charismatic governor and senator Huey Long by helping the poor, building infrastructure, and constructing hospitals. But he became embroiled in a scandal that ensnared hundreds of politicians and businessmen. Leche resigned and was convicted of taking kickbacks. He served five years in federal prison and was pardoned by President Harry Truman.

Source: Yudi Mulyadi / YouTube

19. Maine
> Scandal: Prostitution scandal
> Year: 2012

Kennebunkport is famous for housing the Bush family compound. But it also became infamous in 2012 for a scandal involving a former mayor and a former high school hockey coach and nearly two dozen other men accused of paying for prostitutes at a Zumba dance studio. Alleged madam Alexis Wright, who ran the studio, was arraigned on 109 counts of prostitution and tax evasion, among other charges.

Source: MDDeptPublicSafety / YouTube

20. Maryland
> Scandal: Maryland prison contraband conspiracy
> Year: 2016

Maryland is another state infamous for corruption and scandal. Marylander Spiro Agnew was forced to resign in disgrace in 1973 as vice president of the United States over charges he was involved in graft while he holding office in Maryland. In another more recent, and perhaps more disturbing, scandal, federal authorities indicted 80 people in an alleged conspiracy to sneak contraband into Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover. Among those indicted were corrections officers and inmates, who were charged with trying to smuggle heroin, cocaine, cellphones, and other forbidden items into the facility.