This Month’s Good News

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August, when many people go on vacation, is usually a slow month for news as we start to look ahead to the fall. This year was no different, though there were some noteworthy news events during the month.

With the start of the school year, which for much of the country begins before Labor Day, education-related news often is in the spotlight. Similarly, sports news about the upcoming college and pro football seasons and baseball’s pennant races take much of our attention. And there’s no shortage of political news ahead with the mid-term elections in November.

The news in August included raging wildfires in many parts of the country, a bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy, hurricanes in Hawaii and much more. August also saw the passing of two American originals — political stalwart John McCain and prolific playwright Neil Simon.

Still, there is plenty of good news to give us some respite from the recent heartbreaking stories. This month’s good news cycle offers something inspiring, heart-tugging, and hopeful. In New York, a police officer on her way to work stopped her car to help a boy and thus prevented a tragedy. An act of kindness by a young man in Louisiana who was stocking shelves at a grocery store helped launch a GoFundMe college fund for him. And a conservation group reported encouraging news about the status of four endangered animal species.   

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