This Month’s Good News

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Now that September is here, the weather is starting to get a little brisker as fall has arrived. Unfortunately for some parts of the United States, hurricane season has not ended, and the latest edition of this month’s good news contains stories about people who went beyond the call to help others as Hurricane Florence laid waste to the Carolinas.

Over this past month, we read stories about wrongs being righted; the return of a pair of the most famous red slippers in movie history; and an attempt to help a financially strapped actress who starred in a sitcom from the ’60s.

There was good news on the sustainability front, as scientists in the United Kingdom developed a method of converting plastic waste into hydrogen that might one day could provide fuel for vehicles. And speaking of hydrogen, a German company built a train that runs on a combination of hydrogen and oxygen.

These are just some of the good-news stories that engaged readers this past month. If you want to see more, read on.

To compile a list of good news, 24/7 Wall St. used information from media outlets such as CNN and, as well as websites that focus on reporting inspiring news like, and

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