Special Report

October's Most Inspiring News Stories

John Harrington, Cheyenne Buckingham

If ever we needed a month of good news, it was this one. October was marked by the horrific shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburgh and the pipe bombs sent to Democratic politicians, media, and entertainment celebrities that did not detonate. Political divisiveness shifted into a higher gear as the midterm elections approached. The gyrating stock market had investors reaching for the Dramamine.

In October, we were still dealing with the aftermath of the hurricanes that swept through the South and the Eastern Seaboard. Hurricane Florence ravaged the Carolinas in September, and Hurricane Michael packed a powerful punch in the Florida Panhandle in early October. Michael posted winds of about 155 miles per hour, and based on that measure, was the strongest storm to hit the continental United States since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

If nothing else, the tempests produced some of the best in humanity. A friend set up a GoFundMe campaign for a National Guardsman whose house was robbed after he was deployed for hurricane relief efforts. The campaign raised more money than its goal, so the guardsman donated the extra cash to other charitable endeavors.

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The month produced another first-responder who went beyond the call. Firefighters are always on call, even on their wedding day. In St. Paul Park, Minnesota, firefighter Jeremy Bourasa exchanged vows with new wife Krista, then took off to help comrades fight a house fire.

Internationally, North and South Korea have taken more steps to ease tensions on the peninsula as the two countries began removing landmines on either side of the demilitarized zone.

In a demonstration of life affirmation, one year after the mass shooting in Las Vegas at a country music concert, two survivors returned to the Las Vegas site and were married there.

Justin Gallegos, a runner from the University of Oregon, became the first athlete with cerebral palsy to be signed to a professional contract with footwear giant Nike.

There were other reasons to be optimistic during the month of October, as the following stories indicate.


To compile a list of good news, 24/7 Wall St. used information from media outlets such as CNN.com, theweek.com, as well as websites that focus on reporting inspiring news like positive.news and goodnewsnetwork.org.