Special Report

50 Places With Native American Names

Source: Josh Grenier from Houston / Wikimedia Commons

31. North and South Dakota
> Origin of name: Sioux
> Definition of name: Friends or allies

Source: Joe Mabel (on Flickr as Joe Mabel from Seattle, US) / Wikimedia Commons

32. Norwalk, Connecticut
> Origin of name: Algonquin
> Definition of name: Point of land

Source: Thinkstock

33. Ohio
> Origin of name: Iroquois Confederacy
> Definition of name: Great river

Source: Thinkstock

34. Oklahoma
> Origin of name: Choctaw
> Definition of name: Red persons

Source: Royalbroil. / Wikimedia Commons

35. Oshkosh, Wisconsin
> Origin of name: Menominee
> Definition of name: Named for Menominee chief Oskosh