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50 Places With Native American Names

Source: IvoShandor / Wikimedia Commons

36. Pontiac, Illinois
> Origin of name: Ottawa
> Definition of name: Named for Odana chief

Source: Thinkstock

37. Roanoke, Virginia
> Origin of name: Algonquian
> Definition of name: Shell money

Source: Peter Flass / Wikimedia Commons

38. Saratoga, New York
> Origin of name: Mohawk
> Definition of name: Place of swift water

Source: SeanPavonePhoto / Getty Images

39. Savannah, Georgia
> Origin of name: Shawnee
> Definition of name: Named for Shawnee people

Source: aiisha5 / Getty Images

40. Seattle, Washington
> Origin of name: Duwamish
> Definition of name: Named for Chief Seathl