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20 Most Popular Halloween Songs

Every holiday has its own festive music. And while Halloween may not have the vast number of holiday songs like Christmas does, it still has quite a few. Each year, Halloween brings with it not only candy and costumes, but also a slew of seasonal songs that signal the arrival of All Hallows’ Eve.

Some of these songs are simply not played outside the season. Classics like “Monster Mash” sound rather out of place when it isn’t Halloween. But as the leaves start to turn, these songs are played over and over again.

Other songs are more common year-round, yet also work quite well in the context of Halloween. Warren Zevon’s monster-themed “Werewolves Of London” is one such example. While one wouldn’t be surprised when hearing the song on classic rock radio in the middle of summer, the track has become a holiday staple at Halloween parties across the nation.

24/7 Wall St. has identified the 20 most popular Halloween songs based on data from music streaming service Spotify. These are the songs that have increased in popularity the most on the past three Halloweens.

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