October’s Most Inspiring News Stories

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Source: U.S. Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Helen Nash

1. Finding a life-saver
> Date: Sept. 24
> Location: Amelia County, Virginia

Hurricane Florence, which slammed into the Carolinas in September, reunited two men who had crossed paths 18 years ago under life-saving circumstances. Bill Ford and his neighbors were trapped in their neighborhood by hurricane floodwaters that had created a 10-foot deep chasm in their neighborhood. Businessman Winston Marsden organized a group to help repair the drop caused by the washout. When Ford met Marsden to discuss the logistics of the repairs, they realized they had met before. In 2000, Ford, then a deputy with the Amelia County Sheriff’s Department, helped rescue Marsden, whose vehicle had fallen into a creek

Source: KARE 11 / YouTube

2. Always answering the call
> Date: Sept. 25
> Location: St. Paul Park, Minnesota

Not long after saying “I do,” firefighter Jeremy Bourasa bolted from his own wedding ceremony to answer a call for a house fire in a nearby town. Bourasa’s wife, Krista, is used to adjusting to life on the fly. They had to change their wedding reception venue from several weeks earlier and chose to hold the event in the St. Paul Park firehouse. After three hours, Bourasa returned to the wedding reception and danced with his new wife. Krista knows tragedy — she had lost a niece and a nephew in a house fire two years earlier.

Source: University of Louisville

3. Electrical stimulation enables paralyzed people to walk
> Date: Sept. 26
> Location: United States

A new implant is helping four people who had been paralyzed from the waist down walk independently. Two of the people participating in the study had complete spinal cord injuries and the new spinal implant has enabled them to walk. The other two participants were able to stand and take a few steps. Eight to nine weeks prior to the insertion of the implant, the participants started working on their motor skills by stepping on a treadmill two hours a day, five days a week.

Source: Inside Edition / YouTube

4. Dentist helps ‘tongue-tied’ boy speak
> Date: Sept. 27
> Location: Katy, Texas

For the first five years of his life, Mason Motz could hardly speak. That was until he visited his dentist, Dr. Amy Luedemann-Lazar. While Motz was sedated, she discovered he was literally tongue-tied, a condition called ankyloglossia, in which the person’s tongue is connected by a piece of tissue to the bottom of the mouth. The dentist performed noninvasive surgery to release the tongue, enabling Motz to become a chatterbox.

Source: MoorInfo / Twitter

5. Beautician will retire at 100 years old
> Date: Sept. 28
> Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Callie Terrell received her cosmetology license in the waning months of World War II. Now 99, the beautician has decided to retire when she turns 100 on Nov. 26. She credits work for her longevity. Terrill once operated her own salon, but now she rents space in a shop in Memphis.