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26 Disaster Scenarios Caused by Climate Change

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6. Reduced regional precipitation

Some scientists predict as much as a 10% decline in precipitation in the subtropics for each 1°C (1.8°F) of global warming.

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7. Arctic-free summers

If the Earth warms by 2°C above pre-industrial levels (we are now 1°C warmer), scientists predict one out of 10 summers in the Arctic will be ice free. Warming in excess of 4°C will likely further eliminate Arctic ice.

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8. Greenland could completely melt

Greenland’s ice sheet melt is rapidly accelerating, and further temperature increases could cause the massive ice sheet to completely melt within a few hundred years.

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9. Sea level rise

Warming of 4°C will likely lead to a sea-level rise of at least 3 feet by 2100, with some estimates of the rise as high as 8.2 feet.

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10. Long-term major sea level rise

In the longer-term, sea levels could rise by some as much as 50 feet.