25 Stunning Christmas Lights Around the World

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Source: lasta29 / Wikimedia Commons

11. Japan
> Where you can see the display: Kobe Luminarie
> Location: Kobe

Kobe, Japan, hosts a spectacular light show around Christmas time every year to pay tribute to the 6,400 lives lost in the Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995, which struck the Kobe metropolitan area. More than 3 million people visit the radiant light displays every year.

Source: ooyoo / Getty Images

12. Japan
> Where you can see the display: Winter Illuminations at Shibuya Ao no Dokutsu
> Location: Tokyo

Another extravagant light show in Japan is Tokyo’s Winter Illuminations. There are 15 places in Japan’s capital that have the winter illuminations on display. The one in Ao no Dokutsu in Shibuya, also known as the blue cave, stretches across the 820 feet-long pedestrian street. More than 2.6 million visited the light display last year.

Source: Courtesy of Go Vilnius

13. Lithuania
> Where you can see the display: Christmas in Vilnius, Cathedral Square
> Location: Vilnius

This event is dubbed Vilnius’s largest and most spectacular festival. The vast Christmas tree is the main attraction, having been named one of the most beautiful trees in all of Europe and the world by several online publications.

Source: Notimex ‏/ Twitter

14. Mexico
> Where you can see the display: Luztopía at Fundidora Park
> Location: Monterrey

Monterrey hosts the annual Luztopía light display, which includes 250 illuminated figures and over 15,000 lights. The centerpiece of the event this year is the near 60-foot Christmas tree. The event, which takes place in Fundidora Park, will also include other treasures like a 50-foot-tall castle and a wintry village where Santa Claus will be awaiting to hear children’s Christmas wishes.

Source: Courtesy of Christchurch City Council

15. New Zealand
> Where you can see the display: Christchurch Christmas Lightshow
> Location: Christchurch

During the month of December, those living in or visiting Christchurch may want to check out the Christmas light display in town, which the city council dubs “The most spectacular light show in New Zealand.” The light display consists of more than 400,000 lights that are synchronized to rock music.