Special Report

The Most Expensive Holiday Foods

The holidays are a time for food galore and guilt-free eating. During the last six weeks of the year, diets get forsaken, cheat days become the rule, and people indulge in foods especially prepared for festivities.

Those who have the time to cook for holiday parties can be very creative and make new versions of traditional dishes that will impress friends and family. Others can go online or to their local store and buy them.

But not all holiday foods are created equal. From party planning to picking gifts for relatives, the festive season can be overwhelming and costly. Food can add a lot to the bill, especially if you’re keen on imported delicacies that you may not  find the rest of the year.

To identify the most expensive holiday foods, 24/7 Wall St. compiled price and weight for a large range of popular holiday foods. We obtained for each item prices by three brands or distributors, adjusted each price to the weight of each item, then took the average of the three prices for our ranking. The estimated price per package represents what consumers can expect to find at the grocery store.

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