Special Report

Most Important People of 2018

Selecting the most important people in a given year is admittedly a subjective exercise. One person’s list of important people of 2018 is not likely to match another’s. Even so, 24/7 Wall St. has determined that the following people, most of them well known, made significant accomplishments in 2018, and they are likely to be prominent figures next year as well.

This list includes a bombastic cloud-computing billionaire who opened the tallest building in San Francisco and a Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper. Here you will find a Canadian whistleblower who exposed a massive abuse of Facebook data privacy, as well as the person who runs SpaceX, a space transportation company. And, of course, there are a fair number of world leaders here who were singled out for their accomplishments in 2018.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed numerous national and international media reports to find the most captivating and impactful individuals of 2018. The criteria for selection includes notable accomplishments made since January from well-known people in politics, business, sports and the arts. This list was condensed to what we considered the most important people in 2018.

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