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Lifestyle Trends You Need to Know About in 2019

1. Nap rooms

Nap rooms give “sleeping on the job” a whole new — positive — meaning. Research has shown that naps in the middle of the day — even short, 20 minute naps — help people handle stress better as well as improve performance and reaction time, learning, and memory retention. Companies are catching up and some are offering nap rooms. Nap York will open several new nap stations all over New York in 2019.

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2. Plant-based skin products

The organic personal care business has grown from a niche market to a giant industry that will be worth more than $25 billion by 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research, a marketing consultancy firm.

Products range from high-end with elements from the far reaches of the world to using only few natural ingredients. Sales of the so-called vegan products have grown in the U.K. by 38% between February 2017 and January 2018. The number of brands making vegan and naturally-derived products are up 16%, compared to a natural brands market growth of 7% for the same period.

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3. Eco-travel

People have been going greener when traveling since at least 2012, according to several travelling companies and research firms surveys. With global warming and climate change’s disastrous effects on the planet making the news even more often nowadays, eco-conscious traveling will continue to grow in popularity. In fact, it is among the fastest growing segments of the entire industry, with 2017 being named the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development to reflect the growing movement.

The share of travelers who are unaware of eco-friendly options keeps decreasing, down to 32% in 2018 from 38% in 2016, according to Booking.com.

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4. Living in an RV

The recreational vehicle is no longer only used to travel across the country in summer. A growing number of people are living in one throughout the year. In addition to senior citizens practically turning RV parks into retirement communities, millennials, too, are moving into RVs because they are affordable, with monthly payments as low as $170.

RV sales have exploded, and manufacturers are adding modern touches such as stainless steel appliances, solar power, and Wi-Fi.

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5. Elevation training masks

You may have seen this breathing training mask on professional athletes, but its cost of about $80 makes it an affordable device for amateur fitness-goers. The training mask is supposed to improve endurance by helping the person wearing it breathe better by controlling air flow to respiratory muscles. The training mask mimics conditions of training at high altitudes — less oxygen means the body is producing more red blood cells, which are able to carry more oxygen to muscles to create more energy.

Whether these masks actually work is still debatable as various studies show mixed results.