Most Important Trump Events in Second Year of His Presidency

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Source: statephotos / Flickr

11. May 8, 2018

Trump announces that the United States is pulling out of the nuclear deal with Iran, despite opposition from America’s allies. The president had campaigned against the accord. The agreement, negotiated by the Obama administration, had lifted economic sanctions against Iran in exchange for Iran agreeing to limits on its nuclear program.

Source: Mark Wilson / Getty Images

12. June 12, 2018

In a historic first, Trump meets with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in a summit in Singapore and they vow to work toward denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. The two plan to meet again in 2019.

Source: John Moore / Getty Images

13. June 15, 2018

The administration’s enforcement of its “zero-tolerance” policy on illegal border crossings from Mexico leads to the separation of children from adults and causes a political firestorm.

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

14. June 27, 2018

Justice Anthony Kennedy announces that he would retire from the Supreme Court, creating an opportunity for Trump to nominate a conservative to fill the vacancy and tilt the court in a more conservative direction for possibly decades.

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

15. July 5, 2018

Scott Pruitt resigns as head of the Environmental Protection Agency amid questions raised by lawmakers and government watchdogs over possible ethical transgressions, including Pruitt’s alleged costly traveling first class and a room he rented to a lobbyist at relatively low price.